1. Private lounge booking. 

The lounge has 3 connected spaces as follows:

- Wellness area: fits 8 people seated on couches/arm chairs.

- Business area: fits 10 ~ 15 people split between office chairs on an extendable table and armchairs (with a connected TV).

- Brainstorming area on the mezzanine: fits 6 people on couch and armchairs (with a connected TV).

All the space will be private during workshops/events combining the 3 spaces with ability to split attendees according to the event needs (Workshop with breakout rooms, sales events with deal signature space, presentation with break and networking area, etc.)

Note that high speed internet is available along with flip chart board.

Pricing options: different models to fit different budgets and scenarios;

A. Zero fees, split income with trainer 

B. €10/person for a 2 hours' session; including instant coffee, tea and cookies 

C. €50/ 2 hours' session session with minimum charge of €5/person; including 1 instant coffee, tea and cookies

D. €100/ 2 hours' session 

E. €150/ 2 hours' session including instant coffee, tea and cookies. 

-Extra premium coffee and healthy snacks to be priced separately at an average rate of €3 euros per oder. 

- Above are standard rates within the working week: Monday to Friday from 9am till 6pm; outside these working hours, the rate will be 1.5x

- All sessions must be booked ahead of time to ensure availability

2. Co-working lounge booking:

  • €10/person for a 2 hour pass; including instant coffee and cookies
  • €25/person for a full day pass; including instant coffee and cookies

- Working hours: Monday to Saturday from 9am till 6pm 

Rules and Regulations: the space must be always calm and clean. It is always required to abide by the following:

  • No Smoking 
  • No pets
  • No food delivery 
  • Silent telephones
  • No kids

Wellness area:

Business area:

Brainstorming area: